Mass Co-ordinators

Co-ordinators play a key part in preparing St. Joseph’s or St. Edmund’s for Mass.  Their role is to prepare the sanctuary/altar for the Sunday Mass.  This involves preparing the chalices, ciboria, books, candles and the like.  It also involves checking the 'reading' and 'extra-ordinary ministry' rotas and confirming with the ministers when they arrive (finding replacements if they do not turn up).

At the end of Mass the co-ordinators check that all is put away securely and that lights are switched off and, if appropriate the church locked (usually just St Joseph).

Co-ordinators work a rota basis

When does it happen? - All Masses

Where does it happen? - St. Edmund’s & St. Joseph’s

How much time does it take? - A rota of volunteers operates 1/2 hour per session.

Contact: The Parish Office

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