Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and help, when necessary, to take it to the sick in their homes. 

Having Ministers achieves a number of aims:

  1. It reflects the role of us all to 'take' Christ to others (through the living out of our faith)

  2. It enables Holy Communion to be distributed effiecently and reverently without rush

  3. It facilitates the distribution of the 'Precious Blood' of Christ via the Chalice (fulfilling Christ's commend to 'take and eat' and 'take and drink')

There are rotas for both St Joseph & St Edmund Churches.  In 2017 the rotas involved:

  • 6.15pm Mass: 3 ministers

  • 9am Mass: 3 ministers

  • 10am Mass: 3 ministers

  • 11am Mass: 5 ministers

  • 7pm Mass: 3 ministers

If a deacon, or another priest is concelebrating, then the appropriate minister 'stands down' as it were.

We ALWAYS require new ministers: if you are interested please contact the Parish Office.  Training takes place usually twice a year.

Contact: Marina Joyce 

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