Ministry of Welcome

Ministry of Welcome is a key ministry as they are the first contact people have on a Sunday when they arrive for Mass.

The role involves:

  1. Folding newsletters
  2. Placing newsletters into hymn books or Mass leaflets (if there is singing)
  3. Greeting people as they enter the church and giving them a newsletter/hymn book/Mass leaflet
  4. Noting in particular 'visitors' to the Parish/Church/Mass, and greeting them in such a way, so that they can feel 'welcome', 'at home' with us and in our gathering
  5. Generally keeping an 'eye open' during Mass for any people who may require assistance (e.g: to find the toilets, hall, has a disability and need Holy Communion take to them in the bench........etc.)
  6. At the end of Mass tidying up the church of loose hymn books/newsletters/Mass sheets and tidying up the porch so that everything is in order for the next gathering.

Contact: Parish Office

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