Ministry of the Reader

The Ministry of the Reader proclaims God's living Word to all who are gathered for Mass.

Having Ministers of the Word achieves a number of aims:

  1. It indicates the role we all have to 'proclaim' God's Word in our daily lives by the witness we give through our Christian living: by what we say, do and who we are (and are becoming!)
  2. By involving the congregation it expresses more fully the role we all have in the liturgical celebration (Mass, Adoration, Devotions etc.....)
  3. By having different people proclaiming God's Word creates a variety of voices rather than 'one' person/voice

There is a rota of readers for both St Joseph's and St Edmund's. Training and preparation takes place a couple of times a year.

Volunteers always requied..............

Co-ordinator/Contact: Fran Morley

Resources:  Are you reading on Sunday? Do you want to reflect on the reading? Do you want to check the text? Then access the Bishops’ web site in Vienna: 

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