Finance Committee
The overall responsibility for financial matters lies with the Finance Committee. Its role is to ensure wise administration of the parish finances and the preparation of annual accounts for the diocese and the parish community.  Membership involves a wide range of volunteers with various experience; at least one member is also a member of the EST (Evangelisation Strategy Team) so that there is a connection between the administration of the Parish and its pastoral responsiblity.
If you think you could be 'of use' to the Committee/Parish in this capacity please do contact the Parish Office or one of the clergy to have a conversation.
Contact: Patrick Feighery (co-ordinator)
Gift Aid & Bankers’ / Standing Orders
By signing a Gift Aid form, taxpayers can enable the parish to reclaim from the Inland Revenue a percentage of their contribution. Many of our parishioners now contribute by Bankers’ / Standing Orders and are the preferred option for payment, but envelopes can be provided.
Contact: Claire Tickell (co-ordinator)
Sunday Collections
There is one collection during each Sunday Mass for the upkeep of the parish (taken at the offertory). An annual statement of income and expenditure is given to members of the Committee.
Church Charities
There are boxes in the church for various charities. Mission boxes (e.g. CAFOD) are kept in your own homes. Advance notice is given in the newsletter of Second Collections taken at the door at the end of Mass. For those with Standing Orders, an annual list is provided.
APF (Association for the Propagation of the Faith)
The parish APF is responsible for emptying the boxes in the churches and distributing literature. Any parishioner wishing to become a box member should contact the local secretary.
Contact: Matt Walker (co-ordinator)
Mass Stipends
If you would like a Mass to be offered, please fill in one of the envelopes at the back of the church or visit the Parish Office. The suggested stipend is £10. It is sometimes necessary to make the arrangement well in advance of the date requested. 
Foundation Masses
For every offering of £100 made to the Diocesan Trustees (PRCDTR) under this arrangement an annual Mass will be offered for the intention of the donor for a period of 25 years.
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