City Centre Pastoral Group (CCPG)
Evangelisation Strategy Team (EST)

The CCPG is now known as the EST (Evangelisation Strategy Team) and encourages and supports all members of the parish community. The EST serves the parish and promotes our pastoral role and outreach by encouraging parishioners to be more active in the life and mission of the community. The EST oversees the work done by the various ministries and committees, spearheads new projects in the Parish and introduces changes affecting the whole Parish.


A rotating system operates for the office bearers with each person taking, at some time, the role of Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair. The minutes of each meeting are published on the notice boards at the back of each Church.

Contact: Monsignor Vincent Harvey (co-ordinator): 023 8033 4891

Chair: Tina Quinn
When does it happen? - Wednesday evenings
Where does it happen? - Presbytery
How much time does it take? - About 2 hrs per month


View meeting minutes below... 

EST Minutes 8 February 2017 

Minutes for 25th March 2015

Minutes for 26th November 2014

Minutes for 22nd October 2014

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Minutes for 21st November 2012 

Minutes for 24th October 2012 

Minutes for 12th September 2012