For adults wishing to join the Catholic Church or who would like to find out more, RCIA is the process by which they can do this. Becoming a Catholic is not just a matter of learning and accepting a number of beliefs, it involves personal growth in faith.

RCIA is a faith-sharing group, including catechists and sponsors, which meets during term time to support and inform interested adult “enquirers”. Anyone is welcome to come to these evening sessions without making any sort of commitment.

Those who want to enquire more seriously into becoming a Catholic are offered a sponsor. A sponsor is not there to persuade, but someone who can travel with an enquirer on their journey in faith. Reception takes place at the Easter Vigil and baptism is by full immersion.

Contact: Marina Joyce

When does it happen? - Preparation on Thursday evenings (term time)

Where does it happen? - St. Edmund’s Hall

How much time does it take? - About 2hrs per session