Baptism is a foundational sacrament as it not only 'washes' us of orignial sin, it 'immerses' us into the Body of Christ, the Church.  Through Baptism we become a member of the Church: part of the 'living Body of Christ'.  Baptism, even of babies should never be taken lightly.  Parents are expected to be practising Catholics (regularly at Sunday Masses) with a well founded desire to have their children as living and active members of the Church, the Parish.

Baptisms are usually celebrated on Sundays either at St. Joseph’s at 11.30a.m. or St. Edmund’s at 12.30p.m. A ‘Welcoming Rite’ takes place during a Sunday Mass at which the parents present their child to the parish community and they in turn promise to pray and support the family.

A Baptism preparation course of two evenings is offered to the parents after meeting with one of the priests.

Normally three months notice must be given before a baptism can take place.  If the intention is to baptise within a few weeks of birth (which is highly recommended) then please approach the Parish during pregancy.  

Contact: The Parish Office

When does it happen? - Preparation 4/5 times a year

Where does it happen? - St. Edmund’s Hall

How much time does it take? - 1 x 1.5 hour session

Baptisms...............MORE DETAILS: 

Every year we have between 80/90 baptisms in the Parish.  This is a great blessing, not only for the children and families, but also for the Parish.

In order to make the most of Baptism, and to enable families to benefit as fully as possible from this ‘major step’ of bringing their child into Faith and into the Church, we are organising more frequent preparation evenings. 

From Easter onwards the process will be: 
1. Give notice of desire for baptism (at least 3 months’ notice as a norm)
2. Attend 2 one hour baptism preparation sessions
3. Celebrate ‘welcome and first anointing of baby/child’ at one of the allocated Sunday Masses
4. Baptism on one of the nominated days (11.30am at St Joseph and 12.30pm at St Edmund)

We highly recommend that you register your desire for baptism (and look at possible baptism dates) during the pregnancy.  Just as one usually goes to pre-natal classes in preparation, so it is good to go to the ‘Baptism Prep Sessions’ in preparation.  This is one of the biggest steps in faith that you may ever do, which has life-giving consequences for your child.  Don’t take it lightly!  Prepare!



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