Marriage in the Church is a 'covenant' by which a man and a woman establish a lifelong partnership between themselves.  Their love of oneanother is 'ordered' to the procreation and formation of children which 'benefit' them ("Children are thus truly the supreme gift of Marriage and contribute greatly to the good of the parents themselves": Rite of Marriage 2013)


  1. Neither partner must have been married in the past (either religiously or civily)
  2. If a Catholic then it is expected that you are not only Baptised (with proof: e.g: Baptism Certificate) but also Confirmed.  If you are not Confirmed we highly recommend that you join the 'RCIA' (Journey in Faith) Group that meet weekly, so that you can be Confirmed at Easter.  You can speak to the priest or deacon about this.
  3. Couples are requested to give a minimum of 12 months notice and to meet with one of the priests.
  4. They are required to take part in a Marriage Preparation Programme.This applies to all proposed marriages regardless of where the wedding will take place. Preparation is also offered to couples due to marry outside the parish.

When does it happen? - Preparation 3 times a year

Where does it happen? - St. Edmund’s Hall, Rockstone Place, Southampton, SO15 2EQ

How much time does it take? - 5 sessions of 2 hours each (including an evening meal), plus a Blessing of Couples at 7pm Mass on a Sunday to be determined.

A charge is made to cover costs: this will be advised by the Parish Office

Contact: Parish Office 023 8033 3589 or email Father Vincent [email protected] 


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