Reconciliation (Confession)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated with a priest so that the penitent can be 'absolved' of sin and reconciled to God and the Church.  In the Rite (the celebration) the penitent must 'repent' of the sin/s commited, confess them to the priest, make a 'firm purpose of amendment' (promise not to sin again.....) and do 'penance' in reparation for the sin commited.

In this Sacrament (often known as 'Sacrament of Penance' or 'Confession') the penitent, through being reconciled to God and the Church, experiences a sense of healing, wholeness and freedom. 

A Catholic is encouraged to celebrate the Sacrament frequently (at least once a order not to become complacent and to benefit from the grace of the Sacrament) in order to 'improve' their Christian way of living and conform more and more to the person of Christ.

The Sacrament is celebrated 'one-to-one' most Saturdays at St Edmund (11.30am to 12noon......or until the last penitent is seen) and most Thursdays in St Joseph at 11.45am to midday and before the Saturday Evening Mass from 5.45pm to 6pm.

Twice a year we have a communal celebration of the Sacrament in St Edmund: usually on the Monday before Easter and the Monday before Christmas (but check the newsletter) at 7.30pm.  This is a celebration of  'the Word' during which we reflect on God's immense and unlimited love, mercy and forgiveness.  After the reflection and examination of conscience, priests are available for anyone who wishes to celebrate 'Sacramental Reconciliation' and receive 'Absolution'.

Need some more help with the Sacrament of Reconciliation?
- Do you have questions about Confession?
- Maybe you are not sure what to confess?
- Maybe it's been a while and you are out of practice?

The videos below may have answers you are looking for. If not, come to the church and speak with one of our wonderful priests. They are there to help.

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