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THIS WEEK (16th September 2018): 


1.    “Who do people say I am?” Jesus asks the disciples in today’s Gospel.  Peter says “You are the Christ”.  Who is Jesus for you?  What do you believe about Jesus?  Where is ‘The Christ’ in your life?


2.    “The Lord has opened my ear” Isaiah writes (1st reading).  Do you allow your ear to ‘be opened’ by God?  Do you listen to God?  How?  When?  Where?


3.    How do you ‘judge’ your faith (2nd reading)?  Good works/faith: how are they connected in your life?                                  Vincent Harvey


Parish Theme: ‘Peace’.   November 2018 will see the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.  As the year progresses, without doubt society, civic and religious, will be focusing on world peace, maybe more needed now than ever in our world history!  PARISH THEME—AUGUST:  ‘Education for Peace'   We pray for all young people in our schools and colleges. We pray that they may be encouraged to follow the way of peace and justice, that they may have the strength and confidence to speak up for what is right and true and that they as they grow in faith and love they are able to contribute to the building up of a fair and just community for all. We pray that every young person will be treated justly, will be safe and will be able to access their education according to their own needs.



City Centre Clergy Moves…………update


Father Ross inbetween us and Jersey!

Father Jaya arrived.............settling in...........

Father Elijah arrived.........settling in...........finding out about Southampton University!



First Holy Communion 2019: see current newsletter




St George Catholic College is celebrating its best ever GCSE results - with 78% of students achieving the new grades of 4-9 (including English and Maths), and 61% getting 5-9.

In its first year of a mixed cohort, the outstanding results see St George's predicted to be in the top 5% nationally for the progress made by its students. They reflect the college's upward trend of the past five years. 

There are many individual successes: one student achieved an extraordinary10 grade 9s, another attained seven grade 9s and two grade 8s, and there are more with exceptionally high results. The grade 9 was

introduced to recognise the very highest performing students nationally.

Head of School James Habberley says, "We are absolutely thrilled with these results, which are testament to the hard work and dedication of our students and staff.  It is particularly pleasing as this is the first year of the reformed GCSEs, and for us with our first year of girls as well as boys going through the college."



Pope Francis’ Intention for September: Universal: Young People in Africa.  That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.





A PARISH MISSION IN 2019…………update……… A team of ten parishioners and clergy met last Wednesday to discuss the mission from Ascension to Pentecost 2019 (30th May – 9th June) around the theme of ‘Discipleship’: To Encounter, To Follow, To Abide and to Evangelise. A team is being set up to plan the Mission/Retreat so that as a Parish we can deepen our faith and recommit ourselves to our discipleship.    2019 is also Father Vincent’s 40th Anniversary of Ordination: a reason, if one needs it, to celebrate and deepen that discipleship we all are called to.


A Mission Song dedicated to Father Vincent and the Parish has been composed by Mr Paul Inwood.... ............watch this space!!


All parish groups will be invited to prepare the Parish for the mission, and to be active during it and beyond it…………..


CONFIRMATION 2019: Applications now closed


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is a warm, welcoming and diverse Catholic community at the heart of Southampton. People from across the globe come regularly to worship here at one of the several Sunday or weekday Masses. Catholics and people of any Christian community or faith (or none) are able to use St Edmund's Church as a place of quiet and reflection throughout the day.

This website has been prepared for you, the parishioner, for our visitors and for those in the local community who are interested in the parish. This website provides a summary of the many activities, groups and organisations that function in this vibrant parish. We welcome contributions and anyone can submit an article.

To all new arrivals, we extend a very warm welcome. We would be grateful if you would complete a census form and return it to the parish office so that our records may be kept up to date. Be assured, that in doing so you are not committing yourselves to anything.  

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