Poitiers Care
(Catholic Food Bank)

Poitiers Care is a Registered Charity that delivers food to people who live in and around the wider Southampton area, and who would otherwise go hungry. 

We work closely with Social Services and other agencies who refer clients to us for short-term help.   We make 60 - 75 deliveries of food each week.  Our clients include women trying to escape prostitution, parents with learning and management difficulties, families in chronic debt, people with health problems, and many, many others.  If they are hungry, we will feed them.  It’s as simple as that. 


Poitiers Care in Ashurst is staffed by volunteers who carry out a range of activities, including managing information, receiving and storing food, collating bags of food, delivering food bags, and fundraising.  We welcome volunteers who can offer one or two hours per week, and those who can offer more time as well.  Drivers use their own cars.  No previous experience is necessary, but a willingness to work in a team is essential.

Poitiers Care is a Catholic organization and as such will support any person or family of any creed, colour, or background.

Confidentiality and sensitivity to the dignity of those we support is paramount after the example of our patron, Saint John of God, and his way of supporting the 'ashamed' poor of Granada, Spain circa 1540. 

Poitiers Care Charity No. 1141270.  Address: Poitiers Care, Cornerways House, School Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1LG 

If you would like to find out more, please contact: Brian Arthur on 07796 161047