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Holy Land Pilgrimage:         All 45 of us had a great pilgrimage.  The weather was mixed, but generally good so enabled us to do all that had been planned.  Not only was it an ‘across parish’ event, it was also ‘ecumenical’ as it included members of other ‘Communions’, which was a great blessing for all of us.
Whilst in the Holy Land we visited some of the projects that the ‘Friends of the Holy Land’ support.  The FHL’s objectives are:

• To raise awareness of the challenges facing the Christians of the Holy Land.
• To encourage prayers for our Christian brothers and sisters.
• To generate financial resources to give them a sustainable future.
• To encourage visits to the Holy Land to meet local Christians.
Whilst there we visited an Orphanage and School for disabled children, and also met the President of the first Catenian Circle in the Middle East. 
If you would like to know more about the Friends of the Holy Land please pick up a newsletter in the church porch or access www.friendsoftheholyland.org.uk

THIS WEEK (18th March 2018):


1. Jeremiah (1st reading) says that God will plant, ‘deep within them’ His Law, ‘writing it on their hearts’.  Have you allowed “God’s Laws” into your mind, heart and soul?  How do they affect you?  Which do you struggle with?  Why?

2. Jesus says in the Gospel, that through what he has to face, he will “glorify” God’s name!  How do you glorify God’s name?  Through your prayer, worship, way of life, response to the world…….?
  Vincent Harvey

LENT 2018 .........Wednesday Masses at 6.30am and 7pm in St Edmund 

LENT PENITENTIAL SERVICE: please note that our Holy Week Penitential Service (the last opportunity for Confession before Easter) will be on Monday, 26th March, at 7.30pm in St Edmund.  Make a note in your diary! 

 ‘A time of prayer’ …………after or before Sunday Mass once a month. The next schedule ones:
• 18th March after the 10am St Joseph Mass
• 15th April after the 9am St Edmund Mass

Parish Theme: ‘Peace’.   November 2018 will see the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.  As the year progresses, without doubt society, civic and religious, will be focusing on world peace, maybe more needed now than ever in our world history!  MARCH:  This month we consider and reflect upon ‘peace in/with the Faith community’: are we at peace with one another?  Do we genuinely seek reconciliation with each other?  Do we reach out to others in the Faith/Parish community?  Do we support the development of the Parish?  Do we encourage one another to deepen our faith?.................

Pope Francis’ Intention for March: Evangelisation: Formation in Spiritual Discernment.  That the Church may appreciate the urgency of formation in spiritual discernment, both on the personal and communitarian levels.

St. Joseph's and St. Edmund's ...

is a warm, welcoming and diverse Catholic community at the heart of Southampton. People from across the globe come regularly to worship here at one of the several Sunday or weekday Masses. Catholics and people of any Christian community or faith (or none) are able to use St Edmund's Church as a place of quiet and reflection throughout the day.

This website has been prepared for you, the parishioner, for our visitors and for those in the local community who are interested in the parish. This website provides a summary of the many activities, groups and organisations that function in this vibrant parish. We welcome contributions and anyone can submit an article.

To all new arrivals, we extend a very warm welcome. We would be grateful if you would complete a census form and return it to the parish office so that our records may be kept up to date. Be assured, that in doing so you are not committing yourselves to anything.  

FROGZ spring term dates
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Sunday Mass Times

Saint Edmund's

7:00 pm - (Sat in Polish)
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7:00 pm - (Sun)

Saint Joseph's

6:15 pm - (Sat)
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Latest News
Latest News



International Mass 2017 

The Annual ‘International Mass’ took place at St Edmund’s in Southampton with over 300 people participating from 40 or so different nations.  The Scripture readings and intercessions were in 6 and more languages.  After the celebration the Hall was full to bursting with members of the congregation sharing national dishes from around the globe. 

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