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Sycamore Course for New seekers
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THIS WEEK (17th June 2018): 




1.    Is the ‘Word of God is like’ says Jesus, and grows and grows (Gospel).  How do you allow the ‘Word of God’ to grow in you?  Do you listen attentively to the Scriptures at Mass?  Do you read them at home?


2.  ‘From the top of the cedar’ God has taken a shoot (1st reading).  For us this is Christ.  How do you enable/allow Christ to ‘grow’ in you?  To shine through you?            Vincent Harvey



Parish Theme: ‘Peace’.   November 2018 will see the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.  As the year progresses, without doubt society, civic and religious, will be focusing on world peace, maybe more needed now than ever in our world history! PARISH THEME—11th Sunday in Ordinary Time. As children of God we are called to be peacemakers within our family, community and the wider world. How do we respond to this challenge? Do we actively participate in helping our brothers and sisters who are in distress as a result of famine, war, natural disasters? The Mustard seed parable tells us that the smallest seed grows into the biggest shrub. Do we get involved in organisations, such as CAFOD, where even our small help over time can grow to make an enormous difference in the wider world?

NEW SEEKERS: for people who are curious about faith, who are open, enquiring, hesitant and, possibly, uncommited.  A course to help point in the right direction and to learn more about the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church.  Fortnighly sessions (20th June & 4th July) based on the 'Syamore Course' at St Edmund's Church Hall, Rockstone Place at 7.30pm (Wednesdays).  Come along................See poster above and click on it!

Pope Francis’ Intention for June: Universal: Social Networks.  That social networks may work towards that inclusiveness which respects others for their differences.

New group for Grandparents. Come along for fellowship and prayer for our grandchildren, the future of the Church.  Second meeting is at 11am 21st June in Stella Maris and the 3rd Thursday of each month thereafter


A PARISH MISSION IN 2019…………update……… A team of ten parishioners and clergy met last Wednesday to discuss the mission from Ascension to Pentecost 2019 (30th May – 9th June) around the theme of ‘Discipleship’: To Encounter, To Follow, To Abide and to Evangelise. A team is being set up to plan the Mission/Retreat so that as a Parish we can deepen our faith and recommit ourselves to our discipleship.    2019 is also Father Vincent’s 40th Anniversary of Ordination: a reason, if one

needs it, to celebrate and deepen that discipleship we all are called to.

Watch this space………….


21st Annual Peace Walk – Sunday 1st July 12.15 Did you know that Southampton has one of the most diverse communities in the country?  Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Baha’i and many more! The Southampton Council off Faith’s is celebrating its 21st Annual Peace Walk starting at the Peace Fountain in East Park at 12.15 on 1st July. The event has been growing in popularity and there are expectations that there could be more than 250 people walking this year, visiting a Mosque, a Gurdwara, Vedic Temple and Greek Orthodox church. Many people of different faiths (and of no particular faith) have enjoyed visiting these faith centres and everyone is invited to join the walk to express their support for Peace in the city (and the world)


For more information see www.southampton-faiths.org


Final Route 2018:


12.30 Leave Peace Fountain


12.45 Nanaksar Gurdwara  (for lunch) leave 14.00  


14.15 Abu Bakr Mosque leave 14.45 (30 ins)


15.00 Vedic Temple (45 mins + Buddhists) leave 15.45


16.15 Greek Orthodox Church (Bernard St) 30 mins  finish  16.45




St. Joseph's and St. Edmund's ...

is a warm, welcoming and diverse Catholic community at the heart of Southampton. People from across the globe come regularly to worship here at one of the several Sunday or weekday Masses. Catholics and people of any Christian community or faith (or none) are able to use St Edmund's Church as a place of quiet and reflection throughout the day.

This website has been prepared for you, the parishioner, for our visitors and for those in the local community who are interested in the parish. This website provides a summary of the many activities, groups and organisations that function in this vibrant parish. We welcome contributions and anyone can submit an article.

To all new arrivals, we extend a very warm welcome. We would be grateful if you would complete a census form and return it to the parish office so that our records may be kept up to date. Be assured, that in doing so you are not committing yourselves to anything.  

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